The Gods of Inertia Are Winning

Way back in January I made a ginormous “resolutions” list.  I was just poking around here and it caught my attention.  I’ve done very little on this list.  I think it’s even fair to say I’d forgotten about it.   So here is my list of things accomplished from my clearly delusional list of things to do this year:

1-I’ve had one dinner party.  Actually, it was a brunch.  And friend Matilda the bulldog came so there was some doggie socialization going on there.  So I guess this counts as two things from my list of delusions.

2-We purchased new living room furniture.  Not so much because we wanted to but because we HAD to.  The old one had become a cat scratch.

3-Spend less on food.  Easy enough when gas prices are so high and I am too lazy to walk to the store. Next.

4-Take better care of my skin.  I can say I have been doing this rather religiously.  I love you Burt’s Bees.

5-Paint Office.  Not only did I paint my office but I also organized it.  Everything has a place and is in it.

5-Find new events in which to sell and network.  I have recently done much research in this area.  It’s daunting and tiresome.

6-Plan a really good trip and start saving.  We are off to Disney next month and I opened a separate savings account last year to save for this trip.  I consider myself fully an adult for pulling off such a miraculous feat.

7-Go Bowling.  Does Wii bowling count?  Cause I’ve done a lot of that.

And that’s it.  Not even ten things in 5 months.  Inertia’s a bitch and I’m being slapped.

The Secret To Happiness…

is wine.  That’s right.  There is nothing wine can’t fix.  Bad day?  Have some wine!  Kid driving you nuts with dumbass questions?  Have some wine!  Bedroom still have a giant hole where there should be a master bath?  Have some more wine!  Cat dying slow death of cancer killing you a little more every day?  Have an entire bottle of wine!  Wine is the answer**.  It is the meaning of life.  I will even go so far as to say it is my savior.

**even the kind in a can (if you drink enough it does become classy!)  thank you paris for that little gem.

We Are All One

Everyone should read this. Not only should you read it, you should live it.

I am moved to tears each time I hear of such tragedies.  Life is far too short to keep hurting one another.


Am Not Happy.  Not. Happy.

I Need A Twelve Step Program

Recent events have caused me much frustration and anger.  I’ve had no outlet for these emotions.  Sometimes I want to cry, sometimes I want to punch something.  Sometimes I just want to run away and never come back.  Mostly I’ve just been wanting a cigarette and a drink.  Or twelve.  I’m not sure why my first instinct to slightly prolonged stress is a self imposed black out.  And I’m quite proud that I’ve not done so.  I’m resisting the urge but I don’t quite know what to do with myself in order to handle it.  Hence, the need for a Twelve Step Program.  What would that be called?

Ice, Ice Baby

Wow!  This winter has been warm.  So warm, I can’t even call it winter.  And now, now!  It’s icing outside!  An ice storm!  Holy crap.  It’s The Day After Tomorrow, isn’t it?

State of the Union

Uh, so, is it bad that the only interesting thing I learned from the State of the Union address is that Bob Dole is still alive? Oh, it is?  Ok.


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